Will a Gig Bag Protect My Guitar?

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Find out if a Gig Bag will keep your guitar safe when traveling or chilling at home.

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The problem of keeping your guitar safe is always on the mind when traveling or chilling at home. After all, there's a lot that could happen to a fragile guitar at any time. It could get knocked over, mistreated by airline baggage handlers, or abused in almost any other way imaginable. Let's find out if a simple Gig Bag could solve these problems. (or most of them at least.)

Gig Bags are substantially cheaper than hard-shell cases. That being said, they also offer less protection. While you might want to instinctively purchase a hard case to keep your baby safe, you might want to consider the cheaper alternative.

While they may look flimsy, most gig bags (depending on which one you buy) actually have some nice padding and features. The padding is placed strategically where bumps are anticipated. These places are the headstock, the body, and up the neck.

One concern for Gig Bags is the neck support. Most Gig Bags don't offer any neck support, meaning that an unfortunate mishap may lead to permanent damage to several parts of your guitar.

In the Gig Bags defense, they are significantly lighter in weight and generally offer more handles and carrying options. They usually have more pockets and space for books, cords, picks, and more.

All things considered, a Gig Bag most certainly will protect your guitar from most damage. It will save your guitar from bumps, small drops, tips, and other smaller injuries. A Gig Bag (hence the name) will most likely protect your guitar when gigging around occasionally, traveling every once in a while, and even just leaning up in the closet. If you are an avid traveler or someone who goes on tour every other week, a hard case might be a worthy investment. We hope this article helped with your decision. If you want to see more content like this, please make sure to check out our other Reviews, Top Lists, and Educational articles!


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