What Is the Point in Having More Than One Guitar?

Having multiple guitars in your collection may look cool, but is there any point to it? Well, Yes! Find out why in this article!

Plenty of Guitarists out there will have a "quiver" of Guitars in their homes. Most collections will have mostly Electric Guitars and maybe a few Acoustics. Sometimes they'll have a few amplifiers as well. Why is this?

Well, each instrument offers a unique sound and feel. This may depend on the brand, style, and price of the Guitar or amp. Having different Guitars that allow you to make several different sounds depending on what mood of playing you're in is something all Guitarists seek after.

Unfortunately, though, this ends up being very expensive. At some points, it's almost like an addiction in a way. You may think that having more Guitars, pedals, or amps will make you better at playing, but the most important thing that will help you progress isn't bought with money.

Practice is the most important part of the Guitar-learning process. So before you go on a Guitar shopping spree, make sure to think hard and make sure that it will really help your playing, or if you actually do need it. Having more gear can be fun, but you just have to make sure you're not wasting money on something you won't use.


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