What Is the Benefit of Using a Thin Guitar Pick?

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

When using a pick to Shred The Guitar, the question often arises: What is the Benefit of Using a Thin Guitar Pick? Let's find out the answer!

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Guitar picks are an essential aspect of playing certain styles of music on the guitar. Picks have several different thicknesses. These thicknesses offer different sounds as well as different feels in the hand. Thicker picks have less give, meaning it gives the not kind of a harder edge. It also takes a little more pressure and control to play individual strings. This can be tricky as a beginner, but practice will help you use heavier picks easier depending on your style of playing. Medium picks offer more give than thick picks, but less give than the thin picks. Medium picks are pretty universal with guitarists, as they work for most styles. Thin picks have the most give. They sound a little more soft and less brightness compared to the thicker counterparts.

Thin picks are easier to use for beginners because it takes less pressure and control to hit individual notes on different strings. Thin picks are also optimal for quick strumming. Being able to move your strumming hand up and down as fast as possible while also hitting all of the notes can be hard to achieve with a thick pick. While thin picks may be best for strumming, soloing requires some more power behind those notes. Most more advanced guitarists prefer a thicker pick for serious chugging and soloing because it is stiffer, meaning it leaves the string vibrating harder than a bendy thin pick would.

In conclusion, there are perks to every kind of pick. For thin picks, this is mainly in the strumming world as well as beginner playing. They are easy to hold with your fingers when playing, and they make very sweet sounds when struck against your strings. Any pick will get the job done, but thin picks just might be the best for you depending on what you love to play!

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