Top 5 Best Guitar Books for Beginners

Books can be an awesome way to learn the Guitar. Check out our list of the Best Guitar Books for Beginners!

1. Guitar Exercises for Beginners - Guitar Head

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This Book focuses primarily on techniques and exercises used to build up strength in your fingers and hands. These strengths and skills will help you greatly as you try and learn new songs, chords, and riffs. Guitar Exercises for Beginners has its own set of melodies and songs to help you have fun while learning new techniques and exercises. This Book comes in paperback and Kindle versions so you easily read on any device.

2. Teach Yourself to Play Guitar: A Quick and Easy Introduction for Beginners - David M. Brewster

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This Book focuses on the primary basics. These involve hand placement, note names, posture, and basic playing techniques. If you are a total beginner, this Book is probably the one for you because it focuses on the basics. While this Book does teach all of the beginner's necessities, it does not provide the full process of learning guitar past the beginner level. That being said, it does excel astoundingly in the beginner area of making Guitar playing fun and easy to learn. It comes in paperback, Kindle, spiral-bound, or sheet music formats.

3. Acoustic Guitar Primer Book for Beginners - Bert Casey

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Learning the Guitar can be done via several different methods. A solid one would be to learn the basics in a manner that will be useful in the near and far future of Guitar Shredding. This book does just that. It teaches techniques that will be used when you're more advanced. These methods tend to be more difficult, but it beats re-learning the chord shapes you learned when first starting. Some have said that this book is not beginner-friendly. That isn't true. It just approaches the learning process from a different angle. To pick up on what Casey is teaching through the Book and online videos, you need to fix your mindset so that you can put in the extra time to get your techniques down. Learning things "the hard way" early will put you at a great advantage in the future - trust us. This book comes in Kindle and paperback formats.

4. Guitar Book for Adult Beginners - Damon Ferrante

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The Guitar Book for Adult Beginners uses a unique method of progress that is helpful for many. It overlaps lessons in a way so that the previous lesson ties directly into the next one, and so forth. This is nice because you can stop at any time and then resume refreshed with a little recap of the last lesson. From there you can begin learning something new with a solid platform based on what's been previously learned. This Book contains video lessons and comes in Kindle and paperback formats.

5. Beginner Guitar Lessons for Kids - Jay Wamsted

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This one's geared toward our junior guitarists out there, but it'll work for teenagers and adults as well. The basic lessons that teach chords, notes, and little riffs remain in this book as well as the rest on this list, but this Book makes it easier for those of us with smaller attention spans to learn Guitar. The lessons take it slow, but you'll find yourself playing along to fun songs with new chords you just learned. Here's a little bonus: The author teaches at a high school! Wamsted knows what he's doing when it comes to teaching kids, and he knocked the Guitar Learning process out of the park with this Book! Beginner Guitar Lessons for Kids has exclusive videos and audio lessons included and comes in paperback or Kindle formats.


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