Top 5 Best Budget Guitar Amplifiers Under $200

Here's a short list covering the Top 5 Best Budget Guitar Amplifiers Under $200 so that you can start shredding like a pro for a smaller price.


Wattage Output:

25 Watts

20 Watts

7 Watts

20 Watts

10 Watts

Dimensions (LxWxH):

8.25 x 14.5 x 12.75 in

16 x 12 x 16 in.

4.21 x 2.68 x 3.66 in.

7.87 x 13.78 x 15.75 in.

15 x 14.5 x 10.5 in.

Price (USD):






1. Fender Mustang LT-25

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The Fender Mustang LT-25 is our top pick for The Top 5 Budget Guitar Amplifiers because of its versatility. This amp offers 30 presets that can be edited to suit any guitarist's wants and needs. It's small and lighter, making it very portable. While it isn't very big, it is super loud. The volume knob usually doesn't need to go above halfway to fill the room with wonderful but loud noises. You can purchase a Fender footswitch to go along with it as well. The footswitch allows you to switch between presets quickly. This feature can be awesome when recording, practicing, or even performing on stage. While this amp might not be the biggest or beefiest out there, it is a great start. It gives guitarists a taste of what it's like to have a pedal collection in the way that it has such a selection of effects to choose from.

2. Fender Champion 20

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The Fender Champion 20 is another great Fender amp. It is slightly cheaper than the LT-25, but still a mighty option. While the Champion 20 may not have as many effects as its more expensive cousin, it still has many useful tones and EQ effects for the shredder to try. It features an aux and headphone jack as well. This one is also known to be very loud for its size. Fenders are one of the most well-known guitar brands for good reason. Their amplifiers are no exception either.

3. BOSS Katana-Mini

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If you haven't heard about the BOSS Katana-Mini, then you've been missing out on a sweet little amp! This bad boy has 3 different amp settings, 3-band EQ, and built-in delay options. Katana amps like this one are known all around for their rich sound. It's what brought the BOSS name to fame! This amp is battery-powered, which can be a blessing and a curse. The plus would be that you can take it anywhere without having to plug it in. The downside to this is that you need to use batteries or an AC adapter (not included with amplifier) to keep it powered. While it may not be as big as the previous two amps, the BOSS Katana-Mini is quite a bit cheaper, and that's why this little bundle of joy is in the top 3 on this list.

4. Orange Crush 20R-T

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Orange has been known to manufacture products of the highest quality in the sound and amplifiers category. The tone variety and sound quality from all of their products are almost unmatched by any other. When all of these factors are put into the equation, this means that the price, too, must go up. The high price and lack of substantial effect controls bring this to the latter part of our list. Other than that, though, this amp is a dream come true! It is known to be very loud. So much so, that using the lower half of the volume knob is enough to overpower a loud vacuum cleaner! it has built-in reverb, and it offers 3-Band EQ so that you can deliver unique tones. A "clean" and "dirty" switch is provided with this amp as well, meaning you can quickly change from softer, cleaner tones to louder, crunchier, dirty tones. The 5-star rating doesn't lie when talking about the Orange Crush 20-RT.

5. Donner DEA-1

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The Donner DEA-1 made this list mainly because of its value for the money. Most of the reviews said how impressed they were with the value and quality of the amp compared to its very low price. Compared to the other items on this list, the Donner DEA-1 is definitely our budget pick. Even though it's smaller and offers fewer features, it still has the basics: 3-Band EQ, a gain option, and aux/headphone jacks. This amp is said to be light and small enough to take with you anywhere you go for a nice little jam sesh.


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