Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $400

Buying an Acoustic Guitar on a Budget can be a difficult process. That's why we've made a list consisting of the Tob 5 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $400!


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1. Fender CD-60S

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The Fender CD-60S is our first pick because of the quality-to-price ratio. Fender quality offered at an amazing price is something greatly sought after in the Guitar World. Lucky for you, we have found the best one just for you! The playability, sound, and style of this guitar are exceptional. Fender Acoustics are known for their rich tones on all ranges from high to low. Many guitarists from beginners to pros have spoken about the great quality at an agreeable price that you get from this Guitar. Read our full review on the Fender CD-60S here!

2. Yamaha FG800

The Yamaha FG800 is all-around a great option for anyone looking for a budget Acoustic. Known for its playability and notable action level, you'll find yourself playing a comfortable, stylish, and beautiful-sounding instrument right out of the box.

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3. Gretsch Jim Dandy

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Gretsch is a huge name in the Guitar industry. From their hard-rockin' Electrics to their smooth-sounding Acoustics, Gretsch Guitars are known for their great quality. This specific model is a little smaller than your average dreadnought Acoustic. It's what is called a Parlor-size guitar. This means you have a slightly smaller body and a shorter neck. Parlors are great for hauling around anywhere you go. You can comfortably take this bad boy to the beach, the park, camping, on a plane, in the car, and anywhere in between. While you are missing a few frets farther up the neck, its portability counters for the short-scale disadvantage.

4. Yamaha F310

Coming at a lower price than the previously-mentioned Yamaha Acoustic, the F310 is still a viable option for anyone looking at a new Acoustic to buy that won't break the bank. The sound quality that you get from this guitar is impeccable. Once you get it tuned, it's ready to play right out of the box! The action is set at a comfortable level for most players and doesn't sound too buzzy or dull. The sounds that come from this guitar have been described as crisp, warm, soft, and loud (depending on how you play).

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5. Jasmine S35

Lastly, for our budget-friendly pick, the Jasmine S35 comes into play. Coming at a very affordable price, this Acoustic Guitar performs great for the price, which is surprising considering it's under $100. Some have said that the action was too high or low or the neck tension wasn't right. These issues are relevant to having a good or bad playing experience, but they can be resolved with a little bit of research and some tweaking of the truss rod. If you know how to set up a Guitar so it suits your needs, you'll have way fewer struggles when it comes to having a Guitar that doesn't play well.

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