The Perfect Beginner Electric Guitarist's Setup

Here's everything a Beginner Electric Guitarist will need when starting out on Electric Guitar!

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Starting out on guitar can be a huge commitment, and making decisions like what guitar to buy can come up rather frequently. Luckily, we have an answer for you. Let's take a deeper look into this setup and why it's the Perfect Beginner Electric Guitarist's Setup!

First off, let's cover everything that comes with the Squier Affinity Stratocaster Pack. The guitar is a Squier Affinity HSS Stratocaster. This guitar is a very versatile and beginner-friendly choice. Squiers are known to be very nice for the price compared to some other entry-level guitars out there. The amplifier included is Fender's Frontman 10G Amp. This amplifier isn't the loudest or versatile amp, but it is absolutely great to start out with. It has an aux and headphone jack meaning you can jam out to your favorite songs while not waking up the other residents of the household. An amp cable is included as well. The pack also includes a Fender FT-2 Tuner which is great for any guitarist as it's a great choice for a multi-instrumental tuner. Three Fender picks are also included, so in case you lose or break one, you have two more to back it up. A strap is included as well, which is essential for learning how to shred while standing up as well as providing some fall protection when jamming out hard. Speaking of fall protection, this pack conveniently comes with a gig bag as well! (Check out our article on gig bags here.) After all that, it even comes with Austin Bazaar's "Guitar Essentials" DVD for some bonus lessons.

This pack includes everything a beginner needs to start on their shredding journey for a very reasonable price. Every item in the pack is high-quality and will certainly last a long time. If you want to find out about more accessories you might want with your guitar, check out this one!