The Perfect Beginner Acoustic Guitarist's Setup

Here's everything a Beginner Acoustic Guitarist will need when starting out on Acoustic Guitar!

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Trying to decide which guitar to purchase depending on your experience level can be a frustrating process for any guitarist from fresh beginners to seasoned professionals. Luckily, we've found the best deal for you! The Donner Acoustic Guitar Kit comes with everything a Beginner Acoustic Guitarist could ever need when starting on Acoustic Guitar.

The Donner Acoustic Guitar featured in this kit is a great choice for a beginner guitar. Not only does it sound astonishing, but it also plays so nicely! Having a guitar that sounds bad and is hard on your fingers/hands to play can turn guitar playing into a miserable and discouraging experience for anyone. Fortunately, with this guitar, these worries are nowhere to be seen! The craftsmanship and sound quality that come with this guitar are astounding, especially for the price of this instrument.

The other items that come along with this guitar include a gig bag, strap, tuner, capo, pickguard, extra set of acoustic guitar strings, picks, microfiber cloth, Allen wrench (used for adjusting the truss rod). This is perfect for not only beginners but anyone looking to add another acoustic + a plethora of accessories to their quiver! Each one of these accessories will eventually play an important role in your guitar journey, and this kit is setting you up for success by including a variety of accessories that will assist you through the process.

This kit is a very affordable option considering the fact that you can purchase a more expensive acoustic for the price of about 7 of these kits. The value of everything included in this kit is surprising considering the price. If you are a beginner guitarist looking for a new acoustic to start with, plus the essential accessories for shredding, this is 100% the setup for you. If you've been playing for a while and are looking to freshen up the collection with a cheaper option, this may also be the setup for you. You're getting all of the extra goodies, plus an amazing guitar for a very fair price.