The Best Looper Pedal Out There? TC Ditto Guitar Looper - Honest Review

Guitar Looper Pedals are amazing gadgets to add to the collection. Unfortunately, they can be pretty pricey. That's why we've sorted through the best options and narrowed it down to just one. Check it out.

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Getting into Guitar Looping can be confusing. Most Loopers have a surplus of buttons, lights, inputs, and outputs. The fact of the matter is, Looping should be as simple as can be. Whether you're on stage or at home, Looping shouldn't make your brain hurt. After all, the point is to have fun and making sick music should be a by-product.

The Ditto Pedal makes the process simple with just one button and a knob. This doesn't make this Looper any less useful, though. You can still undo & redo, bypass, overdub as many times as you want, and record for up to 5 minutes! While other more expensive loopers might have more features, this little guy still offers plenty. Plus, it comes at a decent price and size compared to most other Loopers.

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