KLIQ AirCell Guitar Strap: Comfy, Stylish, and Groovy

Finding a Good, Comfy Guitar Strap is no small feat. KLIQ has knocked it out of the park with the AirCell Guitar Strap. Let's take a look!

Grab your new strap from Amazon here: https://amzn.to/327eTtX

As any Guitarist who has played with a strap will tell you, a comfy and reliable strap is an absolute necessity. If you're gigging or just shredding vertically at home, soreness in the shoulder/back region will come quickly when using a non-supportive Strap. Lucky for you, this strap is the polar opposite of non-supportive.

This bad boy is made of neoprene. That's right, the stuff that wetsuits are made of. Wetsuits for surfing are made to endure. Surfers can walk around the beach in them, get throttled by waves, take hits from their boards, and resist friction damage over time from paddling. When you take this technology and put it on a guitar strap, you're in heaven. It wicks up water, meaning you won't get nasty sweat buildup on your clothing, it's comfy, it's extremely durable and stretchy. The little pads that go along the inside of the strap make for a pillow-like feel. They also allow air to circulate through, keeping you comfy in the hottest of gigs. If you're looking to eliminate back pain, all while keeping cool and looking your best, this strap is the one for you!