How Long Do Guitar Strings Last With Daily Use?

Once you start replacing your Guitar Strings, you'll want to know: How Long Do Guitar Strings Last With Daily Use? Some will tell you to change your Guitar Strings once a week, month, or even once a year! The truth is, it depends on how much you shred daily, weekly, monthly, or year! Let's find the real answer to your burning question!

3 Months

If your daily jam sesh lasts an hour or less on average, we recommend you change your Guitar's Strings about once every 3 months. We say this because your Guitar Strings are most likely not experiencing the wear and tear required to cause damage to your Strings.

1-2 Months

The 1-2 hour daily shreds will cause a little more corrosion to your Guitar Strings quicker. With the longer practices, you'll probably be doing more technical exercises, which will also cause some more wear on your Strings. At this rate of daily practice, we'll recommend a fresh String change at the 1-2 month mark.

2 Weeks

For our 3+ hour daily rockers out there, you might look into changing about once every couple of weeks. You'll be noticing some serious progress as well as string corrosion if you practice this much every day.

Changing Guitar Strings can be an annoying chore, but it does have to be done to keep your Guitar skills on point. Not only do fresh strings make your guitar sound better, but they will help you play better, too. Over time, Guitar Strings get grimy and dull sounding. This is due to the metal corrosion and oils from your hands. This can lead to String Breaks occurring more often than normal. (Check out our full article on preventing String Breaks here!) If you don't change your strings when you should, it's really no biggie. No one's going to get you in trouble, you just might find that you'll be more comfortable and better-sounding when you keep them up to date. Check out our list of Top 5 Best Guitar Strings here!


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