Are Guitar Lessons Worth It?

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

With all of the online courses, apps, and programs, the question arises: Are Guitar Lessons Worth It? Answers may vary. Let's take a deep dive into Guitar Lessons and whether or not they are Worth It for you!


With most musical instruments and many other hobbies, a learning curve is involved. This curve can be steep or gradual, depending on the instrument. With guitar, the learning curve is usually pretty steep. It depends on the person, of course, but most will agree that the early stages of Guitar Shredding can be pretty difficult. For some, the solution to this may be to hire an instructor, purchase books or programs, or pay for online lessons. When it comes to learning new things, everyone is different in the ways they go about learning. Let's look at the pros and cons of the different methods of learning Guitar.

In-Person Lessons

For the longest time, this was the way that everyone learned Guitar and most other skills. A one-on-one lesson has its benefits, as well as its downsides. It is very useful to have an instructor that knows what they're doing, can listen to your playing and give you personal tips, and is a real human being. In-person interactions with your instructor can leave the biggest impact on your learning. Most of the time, they are relatable and nice people. They'll give you real-time advice according to what they feel you need help with. Often they will sacrifice their own time to drive to your place for a lesson. The problem with this gesture is, they usually charge more than the average online lesson would. After all, they're giving you their time and using gas money to get to wherever you meet for lessons.

Books/Digital Programs

For the more disciplined learners out there, a lot of the time Books and Digital Programs are the way to go. If you can sit down with your Guitar and read through a lesson or watch a DVD telling you where to put your fingers and how to strum the pattern, this might be the way to go. Books, DVDs, and online video courses are usually pretty cheap. Check out our article on the Best Guitar Books for Beginners here! The downside to this method is the fact that you have to be pretty self-disciplined to actually learn anything.

Learning Apps/Online Courses

There are many paid apps and video courses out there such as Fender Play, Yousician, and The Gibson App. Most of these apps contain video lessons, but will also have mini-games and exercises that use your device's microphone to hear what you play, and then help you out based on how you did. Some apps even have real people to go on a personal call with you! These resources can help almost anyone pick up the instrument quickly. While these features are all really helpful, they do come at a pretty high cost. Most apps average at about $10/month!

The Verdict

In most cases, yes, Guitar Lessons are worth it. For some, though, depending on the type of learner you are, it may not be worth the time and money. Lessons can get really boring once you have learned a few chords and maybe even a couple of songs. Here's a bonus: You don't need lessons once you get past a certain level. This level is above the basic notes and chords. Instructors and paid Online Courses will try to sell you by saying that YouTube and books won't help you learn. This just isn't true. There are benefits to doing lessons for a long time after the basics, but for most, it's not worth it. Plus, once you've learned beginner chords, you can learn most songs. Once you start learning more songs that you like, you'll find that you learn new chords, techniques, and riffs. Sound familiar? Yep, That's called learning! That's what the Lesson advertisements try and tell you will not happen through YouTube and books. So take our advice: Take lessons until you've learned the basics. From there, you can read tablature, watch YouTube, and read books to learn songs that you want to learn so that the learning curve can become more of a fun experience. As you learn songs and riffs you will become better at the instrument, and that's the goal for every guitarist, whether you're a fresh beginner or a seasoned professional.


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