Are Guitar Bends Easier on Electric Guitars Than Acoustics?

Guitar Bends are awesome elements to add to solos and riffs. Unfortunately for some, they are significantly easier on Electric Guitars compared to Acoustics. This is for a few reasons. The main one is string tension. Acoustic Guitars have thicker strings, making the tension more intense on most acoustics. This makes the strings a little harder to press down. This also makes the strings harder to move up and down, which is how you bend. Electric Guitar strings tend to be a lighter gauge, so they'll be way easier to do bends on. If you're looking to shred hard on your acoustic with bends and all that jazz, you might want to look into getting some lighter-gauge strings. This will allow you to bend decently, but you will lose tuning stability, and in some cases, your tones won't be as deep and warm as most other Acoustics. So in conclusion, yes. Guitar Bends are Easier on Electric Guitars than Acoustics


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