10 Guitar Accessories You Can't Live Without

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Here is a list of the 10 Guitar Accessories You Can't Live Without. This list contains accessories to help all guitarists learn and grow comfortably and quickly in the art of shredding the guitar.

Fender FT-2 Tuner

Get yours from Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3pER319

A high-quality tuner should be high on the list of necessities for any guitarist whether they be a beginner or a seasoned professional. Our pick in the tuner category is the Fender FT-2 Tuner.

This little device can tune guitars, basses, mandolins, ukuleles, violins, and banjos. This is great because you can have multiple instruments tuned by the same tuner, saving you plenty of money in the long run. This product also features a small, compact design, making it very portable. The display has shown to be effective in light and dark environments as well, which has been a struggle with previous tuners with weaker displays. Having a sweet little tuner like this will be a game-changer for any guitarist and is a must-have as far as accessories go. Check out our full review on this tuner here!

Amazon Basics A-Frame Stand

Get yours from Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3Eitz7Z

A stand for your beloved instruments is a big deal, and we know it. That is why we picked the best one for you. We present to you: The Amazon Basics A-Frame Stand.

This stand features two foam-padded arms with a little pad on the top of the frame to add additional support and protection for your guitar babies. The rubber feet provide some peace of mind as to your stand not tipping over and potentially damaging your guitar. This one is adjustable as well, meaning it will cradle acoustics, electrics, basses, offsets, and even cellos! All of this is at a very reasonable price as well. Keeping your guitar(s) off of the ground is one of the most important things you can do to keep your instrument(s) safe. Stands like this prevent slips, tips, damage on the bottom of the guitar, and damage to the headstock.

Ibanez Powerpad Gig Bag

Get yours from Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3xPMTH2

Whether you're on tour, doing a wedding gig, or going on vacation, everyone needs a gig bag in order to keep their instrument safe. We found the best one so that you don't have to! The best choice is the Ibanez Powerpad.

This stylish gig bag offers excellent performance, comfort, and looks simultaneously. There are several pockets that can be used for carrying music, cords, picks, capos, tuners, and everything in between.

Fender Premium Picks

Get yours from Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3Iq8Xx8

Any guitarist knows the value of picks. Almost any genre of music will involve guitarists using picks to add an element to the music that cannot be found with our fleshy phalanges. These Fender Premium Picks are our top pick. (No pun intended)

This selection offers a collection of Fender picks ranging from thin to heavy. The thickness of the pick determines how much give the picks have when being struck against guitar strings. This variety provides the player with multiple options for playing style. Plus, they come in a large package, because sometimes they end up in another dimension unknown to man. (We lose them, it happens.) The picks are also said to be comfortable for all hand sizes.

WINGO Guitar Capo

Get yours from Amazon here: https://amzn.to/31obqXU

Capos are essential for learning more songs on guitar. Every beginner gets to the point where they're ready for Wonderwa- never mind. Playing along to your favorite tracks or adjusting the pitch to fit your singing voice has never been easier than with a capo. The WINGO Guitar Capo is the obvious best choice. Here's why:

First things first, this thing looks beautiful. The wood grain design would match your acoustic fantastically. It comes in three different colors as well. Capos are slapped right on the neck where everyone can see. Getting a dapper one like this will make the jaw-dropping performance that much better for your audience. It also comes with 5 picks, which will come in handy considering the fact that you'll lose all of the previously mentioned picks above. The rubberized clamp keeps your strings and neck safe from dents and bends, keeping your baby safe as can be as you jam. Check out our full review on this Capo here!

Ernie Ball Jacquard Guitar Strap

Get yours from Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3EiIrDl

Straps are indeed a very groovy counterpart to your guitars. You'll make good use of a nice strap jamming at home or shredding on the stage. A trustworthy strap like the Ernie Ball Jacquard Guitar Strap will do you good in any situation.

This strap is visually awesome and physically very comfy: two of the most important aspects of a good strap. It comes in 15 colors to match you and your guitar's personality. The leather ends help support your hefty ones and the adjustable length provides comfort for your electrics, acoustics, and basses.

Ernie Ball Slinky Guitar Strings

Get your set from Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3DicNEH

Always, and I mean always, keep a spare set of strings handy. There's nothing worse than breaking a string and waiting a week until your new set of strings comes in. These bad boys are the best on the market when it comes to strings, and for good reason.

These strings are the best bang for your buck compared to other strings we've reviewed. They are nickel bound, making them more durable and comfortable on your fingertips. They get broken in quickly and provide a pleasant sound for electrics and acoustics alike.

Fender Professional Instrument Cable

Get yours from Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3ognJ19

While this applies only to those who play electric, this is a true necessity for the electric guitar. Most amplifiers come with their own, but a higher-quality audio cable like the Fender Professional Cable will be worth your money.

Most audio cables have a cheap feeling material and metal ends that get broken easily. The fender cords have rubber running down the ends that prevent exposed wires and give the cord some form so that no scary-looking bends appear. Multiple reviews have stated that this is one of the most durable guitar cords out there. Having a cable that can handle being plugged/unplugged all day long, stepped on, yanked on, and tripped over is saying something, and this product just said it.

D'Addario Pro-Winder

Get yours from Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3ddAmDQ

Someday, before you know it, you'll be changing your own guitar strings. This can be quite the adjustment, and this little gadget makes it a whole lot easier. Let's talk about the D'Addario Pro-Winder.

It may look odd at first, but it serves many great uses. This device features a winder which makes winding your strings up and down while changing them exponentially easier. It's also a string cutter, which is very useful and eliminates the need for wire cutters or lawn care nippers. The little forked end is used for pulling out the bridge pins on an acoustic. This device is often overlooked, but the reality is, you're going to be your own guitar repairman in no time as your guitar journey goes on. Changing strings becomes a regular task, and having the correct tools at hand will make all the difference when you're faced with the chore.

Dunlop System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit

Get your kit from Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3pnFpaD

Keeping your guitar clean and looking fresh should always be on the top of your priority list. After all, they are your investment. Not only does keeping them clean make them look better, but it also makes it play and feel a whole lot better. Let's check out the Dunlop Guitar Maintenance Kit.

This package comes with bodygloss, polish, string cleaner, cleaner & prep, deep fretboard conditioner, and a microfiber cloth to help you keep your guitar clean as can be. Grease and grime can add up all along the fretboard, strings, and body, making the surface less smooth and more dull-looking. This can affect chord transitions, bends, and aesthetics. A deep clean every once in a while will improve your playing experience as well as your instrument's looks.

Thank you for reading through this list. If you would like to know more about Guitars and Accessories, go ahead and check out some of our other content on our website! We really hope this list helps you out on your shredding journey!


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